Hi, my name is Gabrielle. I started The Coach Space to help life coaches grow their online coaching businesses.

After a 25 year marketing career in London, mainly self-employed, I decided to do something different and become a life coach.

After my coaching training, as I set about building my own coaching business, I heard how other coaches were struggling – with the realisation of how much marketing effort is involved and how much there is to learn about it.

It didn’t make sense to see so many coaches reluctantly diverting their attention to marketing (which takes years to learn, not to mention the expense), when they could be focussed on delivering great coaching services.

By coming under the umbrella of The Coach Space, coaches get the tools they need to deliver coaching services and get paid efficiently. Secondly, The Coach Space offers its readers free, practical coaching guidance to create an audience and website traffic for the coaches who join.

I’ve spent years building websites and online campaigns for big brands and small businesses. My mission is to use that knowledge to elevate like-minded coaches under the brand of The Coach Space.

I’m also partnered with digital marketing and technical expert, Paul Ford to grow The Coach Space to be the place to go to find a quality life coach.

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LinkedIn profile: Paul Ford