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It’s time for a major reboot

Transformational coaching can help you get unstuck and make a new start

On paper your life looks good – great even. But inside, something isn’t right. Your energy and enthusiasm for what you’ve been doing up until now is almost gone (or maybe you never had it in the first place) and you’re left asking yourself, “Is this it?”.

Welcome to mid-life; the crossroads where you have a chance to stand back, find out who you really are, work out what you want and reconfigure your life. If you’re wondering what your last twenty years was all about, now you have a fantastic opportunity to purposefully create your next twenty years and not simply go through the motions or do what’s expected of you.

Mid-life needn’t be a quandary where you’re neither here, enjoying your current situation, nor there, living your future. This is where my coaching comes in.

I can help you move forward, working with you to bring about a transformation. With my coaching, you will explore the reasons why you feel trapped in mid-life. I will help you invoke your abundant resourcefulness (which you might not realize is there), to envision the life you would like and support you as you identify and start to follow a new path.

So if you’re done with the old career and want to get into something new, worthwhile and meaningful, book a free consultation with me to find out more.

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My own transformation

For twenty years, I felt like I was play acting in my corporate publishing role. I had advanced to a senior leadership position in my chosen career path. On paper, I was doing very well, earning a high salary and leading global teams to successful and meaningful outcomes, which ultimately benefited the greater good.

However, as each day passed, I would let out a discontented sigh as I crossed the threshold of my workplace. I would remind myself of my social privilege, of my flexible schedule, of the brilliant minds I was surrounded by, of my connectedness with the industry’s community at large and the valuable work I was doing there.

However, no amount of self-persuasion could detract from an intense feeling of inauthenticity and lack of self-fulfilment. In reflecting where these feelings were coming from, I realized that my work had ceased to have meaning.

An enlightening moment for me came after having completed a basic coaching course within my organization which gave me a sense of what coaching is and the results it can achieve. I became an ‘accredited’ coach within my workplace and started to coach colleagues and team members.

Suddenly, my work started to become meaningful and helped me get back in touch with my core values of authenticity, empowerment and empathy.

Eventually, this led me to a more professional coaching path, with a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, and working for myself independently.




What you can expect in a coaching session

I use a wide range of techniques and exercises based in psychology and NLP to see how you show up in the world: your beliefs, values, assumptions, feelings, relationships, and experiences. We may look at your life scripts which result in unwanted behaviours.

I believe I have a good mix of strategic and creative thinking that will help you straighten out your thoughts and give you a way to move forwards towards worthy goals.

I facilitate a transformation or mindset change using techniques to challenge your thinking, see a different perspective and encourage you to move forward positively and resourcefully towards change.

Part of the exploration process might involve you drawing a picture or a mind map to describe how you are feeling or what you are experiencing.

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  • 6 sessions of one hour – £400
  • Ad-hoc session of 1 hour – £75
  • First session free
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Alisa Salamon

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Diploma in Transformational Coaching, accredited by the ICF and the Association for Coaching.

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