How to connect

Joining a coaching session with Alisa Salamon

I like us to see each other during our coaching sessions, so prefer to use video conferencing facilities, such as, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. We can agree a preferred option prior to our first meeting.

Using Zoom

Zoom does not require you to set up an account, so is the easier option. If you’ve not used Zoom before, it’s simple to use and works on any computer or smartphone.

If we opt to use Zoom, you will need to run a test prior to our first meeting by going here:

If you are happy for me to do so, I like to record our sessions for my own learning. I won’t share these recordings with anyone. (See Terms and conditions here.)

How to join a Zoom meeting

Simply click on the link below, or copy and paste it into a browser:

You will be held in a virtual waiting room until I start the meeting.


If we opt to use Skype, you will need to set up an account in advance and let me know your Skype id so I can call you.

You can run a test prior to our meeting by selecting Settings and clicking on the Audio & Video option.


If we decide to use FaceTime, which is specific to Mac users, I will need to know your email address ahead of our first meeting so that I can connect with you.

Getting help

If you have an issue connecting, you can email me at: and we can agree an alternate method.

Send a message

Contact Alisa Salamon directly using the form below.