Expats, trailing spouses and global citizens: Is it time to press RESET?

Whether for work, study or love, you leaped into the ADVENTURE and FREEDOM of reinventing yourself in a new country.


You DID it!

You took the leap of faith!

It’s an exciting phase of life where there are so many new things to experience and learn. It can also be an anxious time with many vulnerable moments.

Perhaps the honeymoon stage is OVER?

And what seemed like the BEST decision you have ever made now has you feeling as if:

●  Life is happening TO you

●  The initial FREEDOM has morphed into feeling STUCK

●  You’re an OUTSIDER in your adopted country

So now you’re spinning your wheels in FRUSTRATION?

After all, you know how to pick up your life and thrive wherever you land, so shouldn’t you be able to plug in seamlessly?

Why does this transition feel so much harder? I can relate.

Back in November 2000, after accepting what first appeared to be my “dream job” in Cologne, Germany, after already living in Berlin, Washington DC, New York, Madrid, I went through a challenging season of isolation and confusion.

I thought to myself “I’ve reinvented myself away from home before, so WHY is it so HARD this time around?”

And then I came to a powerful realization: I needed to press RESET. I pressed RESET and shifted my paradigm by:

●  leaning into the universal power that holds everything and everyone together

●  anchoring to my core values by doing things that bring me joy and

●  developing a work/play/rest framework to move forward with all 7 key pillars of life grounded and operating at full capacity

Step by step, I moved out survival mode into thrive mode by developing a structure to create clarity around my own definition of a meaningful global lifestyle.

And the same RESET button is available to each of us as we navigate all the twists and turns of our international lives.

If you’re searching for the RESET button, then I have good news for you!

You’re NOT alone.

By taking everything I’ve tried, tested and tweaked, I guide internationally mobile citizens like you in navigating the challenging times of transition with joy, hope and grace.

●  Maybe you feel like life is happening TO you?

●  Maybe you’re in the process of your next reinvention and are wondering why this

transition feels so much harder?

… after all, you know how to pick up your life and thrive wherever you land (as you’ve done multiple times).

Now, I know you’re self-sufficient…

…but do you REALLY want to face this “messy middle” ALONE?

While living abroad, there are many critical and overwhelming moments.

And it helps to have a safe space and a compassionate sounding board to process it all.

Why choose the path of “trial and error” when you can be supported in taking inspired steps of likely action?

Are you ready to press RESET ?

Book a complimentary coffee chat with me

Let’s spend 30 minutes together to talk it through. WE got this!

Monère Renoir Wanner

Monère Renoir Wanner

Monère helps global citizens navigate the difficulties of establishing a new life abroad and create thriving international lifestyles. Email monere@monerewanner.com to find out more or book a free Coffee Chat with Monère right now.

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