Printable ‘wheel of life’

This is an adaptation by The Coach Space. If you’re looking for the ‘classic’ wheel you can get that here.

Download the Wheel of Life


  1. Rate your level of satisfaction in each area from 1–10, and colour in the segments.
  2. See visually which areas are out of balance.
  3. Set goals for improving on the areas that need the most attention.

Explanation of each section

  • Home = Your physical environment, how you organise yourself
  • Your work = The work you do, or want to do, in order to be fulfilled and add value
  • Income = The money available to support you
  • Health = Diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, mental and emotional wellness
  • Community = Friends, family and the wider community
  • Significant other = Quality of your relationship with your partner, or yourself
  • Growth = Creativity, learning & challenge
  • Play = Hobbies, exploration & travel

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