5 productive things to do in summer

Summer is a time to relax and rewind but that doesn’t mean revelling in days of unproductivity. Quite the opposite. 

Feeling relaxed has actually been proven to make us more productive. And as the long, hot days also tend to lighten our mood, the sunshine season is the perfect time to take advantage of our feel-goods and do something constructive.

But if you’re not sure how or where to start, don’t worry. Here are 5 productive things to do in summer to make this summer the best ever.

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Productive activity #1: Take up an outdoor hobby

If there’s a right time to take up an outdoor hobby, it’s summer.

Not only is the great outdoors known to improve your mental health, but if you pair being outside with doing something energetic like walking, paddling or even playing frisbee in the park, your physical health will improve too.

Studies have shown that even light walking can lower blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen your bones and help prevent stroke, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

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Don’t worry if hiking the hills is not your cup of Horlicks, though. A less strenuous outdoor hobby like gardening or landscape painting can still improve your state of health.

The benefits of being in green spaces are numerous and include reducing stress, improving mental clarity and even helping ill people heal faster.

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Productive activity #2: Get to know your city better

Some of you reading this article will be ex-pats living it large in a new city.  If that’s you, then take the opportunity that summer provides to go beyond your neighbourhood and explore other areas you’ve yet to visit.

Of course, this goes for people who have lived in their city for many years too. There’s always a part of the town you’ve been meaning to visit but never have. Now’s your chance.

If you live in a city such as Madrid, then the summer is a particularly great time for exploring new places. 

Locals tend to leave the city in droves during the hot months, making it much less crowded and therefore easier to stroll around in. (Just remember to slather on the sun cream and keep to the shade when possible!)

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Productive activity #3: Learn a new language

Going on a foreign holiday? Then, download an app to learn the local language first. It’ll make your trip a much more gratifying experience if you can engage with the locals and their culture in their own language.

Even if you’re not going on holiday, the summer is still a great time to learn to speak a new lingo. The relaxing vibes of summer which raise our productivity levels can also be more conducive to learning. This makes sense: a relaxed mind leads to calmer, clearer thinking, better decision-making and improved focus.

And the actual benefits of learning a language are manifold too. Studies show that doing so increases the volume and density of grey matter, delays the onset of dementia, and improves memory and multitasking skills.

So, it begs the question – hablas español?

Productive activity #4: Start a project

Whether it’s renovating the kitchen, restoring some old furniture pieces or writing your first book, summer is a great time to start a personal passion project.

The longer daylight hours give us a sense of more time without the feeling that we’re stealing it from other activities.

And while it may feel nice to while away some hours doing nothing but enjoying the sunshine, too much of a good thing will eventually start to feel boring. Sitting down to tackle a personal passion project, on the other hand, will make you feel more useful and give you a sense of accomplishment every time you progress a little further.

It’s also a great way to banish the blues or any feelings of stress and anxiety. Several research papers have noted a deep relationship between doing and completing personal projects and overall psychological well-being.

Productive activity #5: Take up a summer internship

Lazing by the pool is great, but if you do that most summers why not spend your holidays this year doing something completely different – like a summer internship? 

The benefits of an internship for students and college-goers are obvious – improving skills, increasing your network, getting a feel for the work environment, etc. But these benefits also apply to people who aren’t in full-time study.

For example, an internship can be particularly helpful to someone who’s thinking of switching career paths or who’s been out of the workforce for a while and considering returning.

And alongside career-movers, working a few extra hours a week in a new organisation or industry can be helpful for anyone who wants to absorb new knowledge and skills, be among different people or simply give back to their industry or society.

Of course, you can apply for an internship at any time of the year. But doing so during the summer months often allows you greater flexibility and less time away from family and other responsibilities. 

As well as that, well, it can ensure that you still do get time to laze by the pool!

These are just 5 productive things to do in summer but there are countless more activities you could start today to make the next few months the most personally productive yet.

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