5 Skills every Leader needs to Thrive in Tech

A typical leader needs many skills to thrive. These include decision-making, employee motivation, negotiation, critical thinking, relationship-building, and conflict management skills. While these skills are important and satisfactory for the average workplace leader, they are often not enough for their tech counterpart.

Leaders in tech industries need more than relationship-building, critical thinking, and decision-making skills to thrive in their tech-domained workplaces. They need to complement these skills with essential tech-related skills to manage employees better and scale up their organization.

Here are 4 important skills every Leader needs to have to be successful in tech.

1.   Data Analysis

Data analysis involves screening, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data to extract essential information for business use. While data analysis may not be necessary for a non-tech leader, their tech counterpart needs this skill to make better-informed decisions regarding their team and business operations.

Based on a survey by State Street Corporation, 22% of institutional investors suggest that data and analytics are the most important competitive edge they have. While normal leaders can hire a data scientist to help screen, clean, transform, and interpret data, a tech leader needs to be up-to-date with the latest tech news and trends. They should be conversant with the process of not only gathering data but analyzing it so that they can make better decisions for their organization.

2.   Computer skills

As a tech leader, you must have good computer skills.

Are you conversant with Microsoft Excel? Do you know how to initiate a video conference? Do you have basic troubleshooting skills? Do you know how to delete pages from pdf? What about web browsers? Can you use them well? These are basic computer skills every Leader needs to know and master.

Don’t have these skills? It’s not too late to learn. There are several online resources to help you get started. 

3.   Communication system management

As a leader, it’s good to come out subsequently to give motivational speeches that inspire employees, and increase their performance and team spirit. However, while you dish out these speeches, ensure you try to encourage employees to communicate effectively and often. To do this, you’ll need to bring technology into the fray.

There are many communication software that can help connect team members with their teams while improving communication and collaboration in the workplace. Each team will be connected to higher management, and you’ll top the communication chain. This is a great way to keep close tabs on all the happenings in the organization.

4.   Project management

Project management is another skill every Leader needs to thrive.

What tools do you use to track a project? Do you expect reports, inspect them, and act afterward? You can do more.

You need a tool that promotes collaboration. With this tool, you can distribute all tasks, monitor them, and even receive daily updates on their progress. This ensures that you are in charge of the entire process. Of course, if there is something you aren’t satisfied with, you can make the necessary corrections yourself.


While a typical leader needs normal negotiation, critical thinking, relationship-building skills, etc., a tech leader needs more. Armed with the necessary tech-related skills above, a tech leader can control the workplace better while making informed decisions. 

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