5 Software Solutions for Parking Management in 2023

As more people purchase cars and the automobile industry continues to boom, parking spaces have become difficult to manage. Finding a parking space has become more worrisome than owning and driving a vehicle. Therefore, a systematic parking infrastructure is needed to manage automobiles and traffic.

What is parking management software?

Imagine you have reached your office in the nick of time for a meeting. “Reach the office, park the car near the elevator, press the floor button, and make a dash for the conference room” is your foolproof plan. However, when you do get there, you find that all parking spots are occupied, and suddenly you’re in a race against time to speedily find a spot for your car. There goes your meeting! 

What if we told you that you could pre-book your parking slot and save time? Parking management software is built to update you on the free parking slots in real time. All you need to do is open the application, locate your parking space, check for an empty parking lot and reserve it for your car. 

Or that you can check available spots in real time? Anyone who goes in and out of a digitized parking space can update their status on the website or application. This will enable users to check for ready-to-use and book spaces for their cars. 

All of this and more is made possible thanks to parking management software. It’s an innovative mode of technology that helps companies and individuals manage their parking spaces. 

5 Problems that arise in parking management

The following reasons are why firms are focused on finding the best solutions to parking problems we live and breathe today.

1 – Limited space for all employees

The best imaginable solution here is to have a dedicated parking spot for each employee of your company. Except, not all of them will be at the office every day, especially in companies where the hybrid working model is active. Some may be on vacation or on sick leave, new mothers may be working from home, freshers may carpool to save money, and some may use public transport.

Parking management solutions help in accurately calculating the space needed. You can also encourage more people to carpool, cycle, or use public transport. The issue of limited parking space and its optimal utilization can be tackled with smart technological solutions

2 – Employee and building security

A company car parking space raises security concerns if not monitored constantly. Anyone can enter the parking lot or the company if there is no validation method at the access point. These points need to be effective and equipped with security systems. 

Badges and IDs work only to a certain extent and are vulnerable to identity theft. Companies can make use of boom barriers to limit entry and make name registration and slot booking mandatory to reduce security breaches. Scanning number plates and automating boom barriers is another tech-forward solution. 

3 – Haphazard management of multi-site parking

Companies are more likely to rent multiple parking sites based on the location of their branches. Managing and overseeing mobility in all sites is challenging. If someone has been promoted to a better position in the company and is required to shift to another location, she will initially have a hard time navigating the parking space. 

Similarly, if someone has been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing operations, she’ll have to request appointments and reserve slots with the branches before her visit and do much more on a weekly basis. A digital solution, when implemented, will save time and resources and provide an organized functionality for different sites

4 – Underutilization of parking spaces

Most companies decide in advance which slots are occupied for whom and which ones remain unoccupied. Most of the time, the entire lot of people who’ve designated parking spaces don’t turn up. This causes their spaces to remain unutilized and not made available to someone who actually needs it. 

This will result in unsatisfied employees who see available but inaccessible spaces. The solution is to identify and quickly update open spaces for others to book. Or, employees can collectively share spaces based on their alternate work-from-office days. 

5 – Parking management is tedious

For offices controlling parking manually, the entire process is time-consuming for people on the job. From making visitor passes to checking the availability of spaces every minute, many things have to be regulated at the same time. The probability of mismanagement is high in such situations. 

In lieu of manual operations, companies can save both time and money by investing in a parking management solution that eliminates physical work. The best turnkey digital solution is parking management software, where people can reserve and release their parking space on an online portal or web application. 

5 advantages of using parking management software

1 – Minimizes the cost incurred in hiring human effort

Parking management solutions need fewer people to oversee in comparison to an entirely manual mechanism. Entry points, lighting, cleanliness, and much more can be maintained in parking lots using the software. The probability of errors is low and the overall cost of parking management processes is reduced. 

2 – Implemented with little difficulty

Setting up the parking management solution throughout the company is easier than imagined. The size of the company or the skillsets of employees don’t matter here. The technology is customizable, affordable and requires minimal training for the people on the job. Once implemented, the processes become seamless and need no human intervention. 

3 – Ensures the safety of all vehicles registered on the software

The safety of the company, the well-being of employees and the protection of their vehicles are the highest priority of these management solutions. On the platform, only authorized vehicles are granted entry, thereby eliminating the fear of theft or damage. Parking management solutions are equipped with the best security features. 

4 – Improves the parking experience

An optimized parking lot will satisfy your employees and boost their productivity for the day. Various available parking slots, multiple payment options, less wastage of fuel and more time on their hands are what people aim for. With a good parking management solution, you’ll make parking experiences more enjoyable and indirectly contribute to your employees’ welfare.

5 – Shapes a tech-forward company

Parking management software is one of the best solutions to invest in currently. People want to be associated with tech-savvy companies unafraid of upcoming technological advancements. Both commercial and residential parking spaces can be improved when the right people come on board.

Best parking management solutions of 2023

1 – Wayleadr

From Fortune 500 to SME companies, Wayleadr has become the most sought-after parking management software. It optimizes employee parking by connecting smart offices with smart commuting. It’s rich in features, data, and insights and can transform a parking space of today into a parking space of tomorrow. 

2 – Parkable

Parkable manages employee and tenant parking by completely automating the process. Kimberly Kastelan of Dentsu Aegis says that Parkable has made the ad-hoc methods of parking fair and accessible to all employees. 

3 – Penn Parking

Penn Parking is a women-led parking management company that knows the ins and outs, being in this industry for over 30 years. The company provides quality parking solutions, consulting and other services, ensuring the best customer experience. 

4 – AirGarage

AirGarage is a full-service parking operator that handles all the day-to-day logistics, ensuring available spaces are used to their full potential. Their aim is to reduce the cost of this technology, making it widely accessible and also increasing the parking income. 

5 – Just Park

Just Park is a parking management software that connects drivers with available parking spots nearby via their website or application. Drivers can book their space by paying an affordable amount based on their requirements.

The next big thing in the parking industry

It’s time for you to bid adieu to traditional methods of parking and embrace modern and futuristic parking management software solutions. Of all the benefits they offer, the best reason to back such software is that they save time, energy and money. The need of the hour is implementing economical, cutting-edge and sustainable solutions into corporate space management.  

Author: B Naomi Grace

The Coach Space

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