5 Ways to reset your body after summer

Every once in a while, it’s wise to reset your body with the shifting of the seasons, so I have put together some simple ideas to pick from that can be implemented to give you big results. 

Also, transition of late summer into early fall is a great time to throw out any rubbish in your fridge, freezer, and cabinets or to weed out any expired items. Restock your kitchen with healthy staples that will help make it easy for you to stay on track with good habits for the autumn.

1. Focus on fluid and fibre

If I’m feeling sluggish after an indulgent holiday weekend, I generally focus on fluid and fiber to help get my digestion back on track. Fibre plays a major role in digestive health so increasing your fibre is a powerful way to reset.

I drink plenty of water and incorporate fibre-rich vegetables, fruits (especially berries), nuts, seeds, and avocado.

If bloating is an issue, some bloat-reducing foods like cucumber, asparagus, citrus, and potassium-rich foods like tomatoes may be helpful.

2. Drink more water

I always try to make sure I’m drinking enough water.  We often mistake dehydration for hunger, so staying adequately hydrated can actually curb excess food intake. Not only that, but it also flushes out the system, getting rid of unwanted materials.

I aim for 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. The best way to drink that much is to keep a large refillable bottle with you at all times to sip throughout the day. I aim to refill mine as many times as it takes to hit my water intake goal.

3. Have a ‘mini vice detox’

My favourite way to reset is by giving my liver a little break by removing its three biggest vices: sugar, alcohol, and caffeine — just for a week.

Drinking and deserting… well, let’s just say it’s back-to-school for everyone, not just the children. A mini vice detox is not only a welcome dose of reality, it’s a way to get some healthy habits back on track.

My clients benefit greatly from it. They always see incredibly quick results: clearer skin, calmer tummies – and after the initial hump – lots more energy.

This is something you can do at the change of every season.

4. Keep breakfast sacred

Many people’s schedules are less hectic during the summer months, so it’s easier to fit in time for a healthy breakfast. But with back to school and work taking on a more prominent role, it’s easy to let things slide. Grabbing something on the run becomes the norm again if we’re not mindful.

However, a balanced, nutritious start to your day, jumpstarts your metabolism and gives you the energy to hold off your hunger so you don’t overeat later on.

As we move into the more hectic autumn months, make a nutrient-packed breakfast your priority; like a superfood smoothie, Bircher muesli or an enormous mixed fruit salad. There’s nothing like it to kickstart your day.

5. Keep moving

It’s easy to give up your exercise routine once the sun dies away and it starts to become chillier and darker outside. After all, we are wearing more layers, so who would notice those few extra pounds?

But exercise and movement is so important for our overall health, as well as our mental state of mind, and relieving stress. Over the cooler months, it’s a good time to set a realistic goal of what you want to achieve. Whether it’s to lose two pounds or lift a certain weight, you’ll feel more inclined to get up and workout if you’re working towards a goal.

Failing that, just get outside, walk, breath and keep moving, it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

Lizzie Barrett

Lizzie is a health & nutrition coach who helps people learn how to intuitively eat, so that they can allow their bodies to get back to optimal health and wellbeing.