Top Tips To Help You Take Better Care Of Your Hands & Why It’s Important

There are some things that people look at immediately when they are meeting you for the very first time and one of them is your eyes and the other is your hands. We use our hands every single day of our lives to do our jobs and to take care of our families at home. For some reason however, we don’t have a daily routine to keep them in tiptop condition and even though we do set aside time in the morning and the evening for our regular face moisturiser, we don’t give the same attention to a part of our body that is exposed on a daily basis.

It is so important to take care of your hands and especially so your nails and so rather than painting nail varnish onto them exposing them to harsh chemicals, it would make a lot more sense to invest your hard-earned money into trendy stick-on nails. These are perfect because they take very little time to put on and they can stay on all day until you grow tired of them and then they are even easier to take off. This just makes life easier for you when you have an important business meaning or you’re going out with your friends on the weekends.

This is just one top tip to help you take better care of your hands and the following are some others.

  1. Invest in a gentle hand wash – The pandemic taught all of us to wash our hands multiple times a day but it didn’t tell us anything about how certain soaps and other things that we wash our hands with can irritate our skin and even cause rashes. It’s likely that you took a lot of time and you get your research finding a moisturiser for your daily face routine and so you need to give your hands the same amount of care and attention.
  2. Always apply sunscreen – We do get our fair share of hot weather here in Australia and our hands are constantly exposed to the elements and specifically harmful UV rays. Many of us don’t do enough to protect the skin on our hands and so starting tomorrow, start applying sun cream to protect your hands so that they don’t get burnt.
  3. Avoid air-dryers – It’s likely that there is an air dryer in the toilets at your office but this is a device that you need to avoid as much as possible. This artificial air helps to dry out your hands very quickly and removes all of your natural moisture. Invest in a quality cotton hand towel and Pat your hands dry with that every single time that you wash them.
  4. Wash your hands well – You will have to wash your hands throughout the day and especially so when you use the staff toilet or maybe you are enjoying some sticky food that you have to use your hands for. Whatever the circumstances, make sure that you carry around a gentle, hand soap that you can use every single time when you need to wash your hands. After you have washed your hands, apply a kind hand cream that will both nourish and moisturise your skin.

Whenever you are doing things like working in the garden or you are washing your dishes by hand, try to get into the habit of wearing gloves as this is a great way to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals that we find in detergents. If you do decide to invest in a hand cream then choose wisely.

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