How Coaches Can Leverage Digital Signage for Better Client Communication

The coaching experience is an important one, for both coach and client. As a coach you want to convey ideas and concepts in an understandable and relevant way for each of your clients. Doing this in an engaging way makes it more likely that your client will be interested and invested in their success. 

Digital signage, like that from provides an opportunity to boost client communication and give each person who attends your workshops, speaking events, or training sessions the experience and results they are looking for. Here’s how.

Updates and Announcements in Real Time

You can use your digital signs to create digital schedules that can be modified and adapted, as necessary. That includes for training, workshops and other events that your clients are attending. During such events, you can also use the signs to update the schedule, make important announcements and keep everyone informed as to what’s happening. 

Motivate Your Clients

As a coach, a large part of your job is getting your clients motivated and excited to take steps to improve themselves and their lives. Use your digital signs to showcase motivational content, such as inspirational quotes and testimonials of success stories from past clients. This can keep current clients excited and on track with their own progress. 

Provide Educational Content

Digital signs are also a highly effective way to share educational material with your clients. These might be techniques you’ve taught that you want to reinforce, it could be daily tips, or it could be strategies that can be implemented outside the coaching environment. You can also use your digital signs to show educational videos as part of the coaching process. 

Make Them Interactive

Coaching is a two way street and getting your clients in on the process equates to higher levels of success and satisfaction. Using your digital signs in a way that encourages your clients to interact is one method of making this work for you. The signs can be used to access personalized content, set up appointments and register for classes, as well as to provide input for surveys, polls and discussions. 

Track Performance

One of the best ways that coaches can use digital signs is to track performance, providing progress reports to your clients and display statistics as part of friendly competitions among your clients. This can be fun and encouraging for everyone involved. 

Build Your Community

Using your digital signs makes it simple to showcase images, videos and stats from past events, which builds a feeling of community among your clients. You might also use the signs to put the spotlight on specific clients and their accomplishments to encourage collaboration and interaction among them. 

These days, videos can be easily created with tools like InVideo which uses AI to create videos from text prompts.

Promote Your Goods and Services

Because digital signs are engaging and interactive, they make a great delivery method for sharing promotions, discounts, specials and sales. These might be products you sell or services you offer. Either way, you can share these deals with your clients in a fun and easy way.

Connect with Social Media

As a coach, chances are you use social media to your advantage nearly every day. Connect that content with your digital signs, allowing you to broadcast live feeds, as well as information linked to your hashtags and posts. Clients can also share their experience on social media, which you can feature on your digital signs. 

In addition to all of these great perks, digital signs also streamline your administrative processes and allow you to customize content based on your clients wants and needs. There’s never been a better time to integrate digital signage into your coaching business. Start reaping the benefits today by contacting Kitcast and getting set up with the system that is best suited to your coaching brand. 

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