Podcast interview: Global moves & thriving abroad

Perhaps you’ve taken the leap to reinvent yourself abroad, whether for work, love or simply to experience something exciting and new?

…BUT somehow you now find yourself UNHAPPY, FRUSTRATED and LONELY?

Both Gabrielle and I have been there a few times, as you will hear in my recent interview for the podcast “Design the Life You Want”.

In this podcast episode

We kept it conversational, aspirational and authentic as we shared our experiences about: 

  • The challenges of developing  holistic approaches to build new lives in our new home
  • The uncomfortable “gray moments” that can leave us feeling vulnerable
  • The importance of focusing inward to discover what thriving means at the various stages of our unique journeys
  • The various dimensions of belonging critical to thriving globally

Are you a trailing spouse, expat or global citizen navigating the ‘messy middle’ of reinventing yourself abroad?

If so, you’re shifting out of CHAOS into CLARITY — and this light-hearted and practical chat helps get you there one empowered step at a time.

In this talk, you’ll walk through contours of global citizenship as a basket of competencies and skill sets — as well as how holistic approaches to life management and a resilience practice are invaluable tools as you navigate the twists and turns of global life with joy, hope and grace.

Key takeaway from our chat? 

Whether it’s for a career, for love or for adventure, with the appropriate supports, practices and inner resources,  we can plug-in, adapt and thrive wherever we land.

Monère Renoir Wanner

Monère helps global citizens navigate the difficulties of establishing a new life abroad and create thriving international lifestyles.

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