How to use style ‘personalities’ to create your own unique look

What’s my style is not your style, and I don’t see how you can define it. It’s something that expresses who you are in your own way.”

Iris Apfel

We often admire women in the public eye such as Victoria Beckham, Kiera Knightly and Kate Moss for their style and magnetism, but for the rest of us, finding and owning our own unique style can be a struggle.

Many clients come to me confused about how to achieve their own ‘signature look’ , one that they can call their own (because this is not about following fashion or emulating someone else’s style).

I completely understand how it can become stressful even just thinking about it.  There are so many elements to style that many people get overwhelmed with colour, silhouettes, fits and fabrics, the list goes on…

Where to start?

Because there are so many elements to style, the best place to start is to look at style personalities. These personas help you break things down and observe style in a simpler way. Here are five for you to look at.

1 – Classic 

A classic style personality is someone who is always dressed elegantly and appropriately and prefers timeless over trends with beautiful simple cuts. 

They tend to go for more solid neutral colours, like black, greys and navy blues,  although they are known to also like herringbone, tartan and stripes. Smart comes naturally to a classic personality, they feel most comfortable in tailored suits to a more casual blazer with smart jeans, all in simple lines.

Examples of classic style personalities: Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet. 

2 – Creative

A creative style personality will confidently mix and match individual pieces creating a unique personal image.  They are unconventional with an artistic flair, this style type loves beautiful fabrics, interesting textures and patterns and has an innate knowing how to mis-match a suit purposely,  overdoing the trimmings and always have an interesting accessory or two.

Examples of creative style personalities:  Zooey Deschanel, Gwen Stefani.

3 – Romantic

Feminine and  ladylike, the romantic is drawn to softness and drapes, twirling midi skirts, floral patterns, blushing pinks, silk blouses, pearls, and antique jewelry. 

This personality type is conscious of being well dressed and groomed and she loves to enhance her natural beauty by incorporating feminine details and flattering fits, and tends to choose softer colours. 

Examples of romantic style personalities:  Taylor Swift, Kiera Knigthly.

4 – Fashion Forward

This personality is not afraid to experiment, they are bold, trendy, urban and adaptable. 

They adore statement pieces, colourful attire, patterned or different textures. The fashion forwards are always very On-Trend.

Examples of fashion forward personality: Demi Moore, Leighton Meester.

5 – Casual

The casual personality likes an informal look with no fuss, comfortable and relaxed way of dressing. Quality items and minimal wardrobe, low maintenance and comfort over style is what they’re all about.

This personality prefers more loose and less structured clothes, with well cut separates in beautiful soft silk and linen are dressy enough for most occasions without compromising the feeling of comfort.

Examples of casual style personalities: Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston.

Now that you’re acquainted with these style personalities, get curious about each one looking at how you relate or don’t relate to them. Take some notes. 

Now let’s look at how to start creating an authentic style for yourself, where you feel comfortable, confident and empowered.

Armed with your notes you’re ready to discover your signature style.

Take elements of what you like from each style personality

I suggest to my clients to look at the style personalities as inspiration and to only take those elements that they especially like from each. There are so many elements and facets that make up each one! 

Once you have some understanding of what you like and don’t like about them, you can start to delve into creating your own style story to express yourself in a way that feels aligned with who you are – and is connected to your authentic style.  It’s magic!

Lifestyle context

Style choices should be based on the reality of your own lifestyle and daily life. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get started:

Do you work in an office or from home? Do you travel a lot? Spend a lot of time outdoors? Live in a city or in a small town?  Go to special events?

All this will give you more clarity on your style and what items to have more or less of in your wardrobe. If you never really go to events it doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish dresses or suits in your wardrobe, but the percentage will be smaller. 

Identify your style “keywords”

Which 3 words represent the style you aspire to have?

This is one of my favourite parts of creating your own style.  Take a moment and close your eyes, visualise your dream style. 

  • What would it look like? 
  • How would it feel?
  • What colours are you wearing?
  • What types of fabrics? 
  • What aesthetics come up? 

From this exercise jot down 3 words that came up for you, for example:  Classic, Edgy, Sophisticated. These are your style story words from which you can start to make style choices. 

I like to choose 3 words as it’s quite usual for us to feel an affinity with more than one kind of style. After all we’re different people at different times depending on what we are doing and where we are going.

To learn more about how to create your own style story check out this article here.

The most important in all of this is to use all this information as inspiration. The style personalities are guidelines for you to create your own authentic style which expresses your unique personality.

Remember: your approach to style is valid and that your way is not only okay, it’s perfect for you!

If you are struggling with how to cultivate your style and confidence, let’s have a coffee chat or you can join my private facebook community. 

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