Understanding the energy of money for business success

You know that feeling when you first meet someone and find you’re on exactly the same wavelength? You can literally feel the energy as you vibe off each other.

Money is like that. It is an energy that, given the right channel, flows easily.

Understanding this is absolutely crucial if you want cash streaming into your business. And who doesn’t want that?

We attract what we vibe with, good or bad.

If you’re wondering why money is struggling to find you, it pays to look at your thoughts. This is the biggest factor when it comes to attracting money or blocking it from coming near you.

Thoughts are the electricity, which creates your emotions that in turn, create your actions. This means your thoughts can work in your favour or against you, depending on the currency you’re operating on.

Negative currency

Money allows us to live. And more money allows us to live fuller and experience more of life. So then, how is money not energy? And how can we not LOVE it?

The thing is, many people who start a business actually don’t (although they think they do). If your business is stuck, not making the kind of money you’d hoped, the chances are you have subconscious negative beliefs blocking its flow and sabotaging your success.

In other words, if you’re wondering why your lawn is like straw, maybe you should check that you’re not standing on the sprinkler’s hose pipe by mistake.

How NOT to vibe with money

  • Feel guilt and shame about wanting money
  • Keep telling yourself you are broke
  • Badmouth and feel bitter about money or other people who have money
  • Feel like a victim

How to get with the high-frequency energy of money

  • Appreciate what money has done for you
  • Fall in love with your purpose for wanting more money
  • Have faith that the universe will provide

Money is a living entity, and it responds to energy exactly the same way you do. It is drawn to those who welcome it, those who respect it. Wouldn’t you rather be with people who respect you and who don’t want to be something you’re not. You’re money feels the same way.

Suze Orman

You gotta have faith

We’ve all done this: You are looking for something which should definitely be in the kitchen cupboard, but you simply cannot find it. You start to panic, “I could have sworn I put it here yesterday! But it’s not here. It’s not HERE!!!” Then your partner/sister/Airbnb guest walks in, calmly reaches into the cupboard and brings it out. It was right in front of your eyes the whole time.

On the other hand, have you ever got yourself into a positive vibe while looking for a space in a packed-out car park? You did it just for fun, and it worked. That’s what we’re talking about.

If you constantly only live by what you see in your current circumstances, you are not allowing yourself to expand and receive more money.

So… get excited about what’s coming without stressing about how it will come (and make it fun), and then everything will change.

Falling in love again

Getting with the energy of money means falling head over heels in love with the reasons why you want the money.

Being in love fills us up, leaving no room for negative emotions. Love raises our vibration and moves us to do amazing things we wouldn’t normally do (like jumping backwards onto a couch on daytime TV). That’s the kind of energy that money is attracted to.

So be specific about your ‘why’ behind wanting more money and the emotions driving it. Maybe you want to take your extended family on a cruise because they’ve never had a foreign holiday, or you want to live on an island with just turtles for company. The feeling of freedom might be what’s driving your desire for more money. Tap into those feelings.

This is not wishful thinking; it’s about being honest with yourself and your desires. Giving yourself permission to be rich is the catalyst – it will change your energy in an instant. Then the next thing you know, that needle will start moving.

You must be conscious of your thoughts in order to change them and therefore change your energy into the kind of energy that money recognises.

With this energy, not only will you be motivated to act, but you will also open yourself to the opportunity of receiving.

On the other hand, feelings of guilt could quickly bring the energy crashing down if you don’t pay close attention to what you tell yourself about money.

Many of us have backstories from childhood that shape how we think. Maybe you had a parent who was jealous and spoke negatively of a relative who made a lot of money, and as a result, you believe that being wealthy will make you a bad person. Or something along those lines.

So, getting with the energy of money essentially means changing your thoughts. You might not even be aware of your true thoughts as they lurk in the cave of your subconscious mind. But once you pay attention and start to see the havoc they are causing, you can begin to turn things around.

Do you recognise some of these limiting beliefs?

  • Money is hard to come by
  • Making money is such a struggle
  • Other people get the lucky breaks, not me
  • Why should I have lots of money?

Replace with energy pumping beliefs

  • Money loves me
  • Making money is easy peasy
  • Money is seeking me out all the time
  • I attract money and prosperity with ease

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Let money find you

The universe moves in mysterious ways, but you must trust that it wants to help. When you keep moving forwards with your energy channel on the right frequency, money tends to find its way.

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