The Future of E-commerce Packaging: Trends and Predictions

The way e-commerce has changed our lives would have been impossible to predict. Now, we are so used to the comfort of our parcel reaching us without stepping out of our house that it has become difficult to think how we survived without it for so long.

As e-commerce is growing at such a rapid rate then it is showing us a promising future. People are investing their fortune in e-commerce as its future looks bright. People are predicting a lot of things regarding its progress. While some are still sceptical about its future others are betting on it. 

Whatever we think of e-commerce, we all must agree on one thing that it is here to stay. Given this we are going to discuss one of the most important components that help in driving a lot of revenue, we are talking about the packaging in the commerce section.

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In this blog, we are going to talk about how big packaging is in the e-commerce business. Then we’ll discuss its importance in this industry. In the next section, we will talk about the future trends and predictions in the packaging of the e-commerce industry.

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How big is the e-commerce packaging business?

The global e-commerce packaging business is fairly huge. We can understand from the number that in 2021 current market share of the packaging business is 43.10 billion US dollars and it is said to be increasing at a rate of 5.7% CAGR which will result in the expansion of the industry to 66.51 Billion US dollars.

We can understand how important it has become in our life, especially during the Covid-19 when we were able to get things without any worry. Thanks to all the delivery people and online shopping.

If we look at the countries then we will conclude that the growth rate of this business will grow at a stable rate while in countries in Southern and Middle Asia, it is predicted that in the developing countries, it will grow exponentially.

How important packaging is in e-commerce?

Now that we have an idea of how huge this industry is. In this section, we will discover the impact as well as the importance of packaging in e-commerce. 

We have listed some of the most important aspects of packaging that help in e-commerce businesses. We have named them in the following list: 

Brand image 

Every popular brand and company spend millions of dollars to create a positive brand image. Having a positive brand image is now an important task that decides how it will be perceived among its target audience. Having good packaging is said to help with this.

Brand awareness 

Brand awareness can be understood as the information or awareness that people have about a brand. Packaging helps with creating awareness with the help of different things like custom packaging tape with logo of your brand. 

Attract the customer 

In these times when brands and companies leave no stone unturned when it comes to attracting customers’ attention. These days packing is done so that it acts like an all-rounder advertising agent. As packaging tends to have a lot of potential in attracting customers. 

As much as 47% of people judge the package before buying the product that caught their eye.

Connect with customer 

In this age of e-commerce online stores, sometimes a brand finds it difficult to connect with its customers as they do not have the advantage of a traditional store. 

So to compensate for this problem the companies have found a solution to tackle it by providing an excellent unboxing experience that will help with building a connection with our target audience.

What are the future of e-commerce trends and predictions for 2023?

In the previous section, we talked about the importance of the e-commerce packaging industry as well as its promising growth rate. 

After discussing all of that we have reached this section, where we will talk about the future trends as well as the predictions for e-commerce packing. 

Most of the things that we mentioned in this list are either in their beginning stage or still in progress. Despite these things, all of these packaging options have shown some impressive results and are expected to have a promising future.

We have made a list to make it easier to understand which is as follows:

1 – Innovative packaging 

As the name suggests this packaging is involved to increase efficiency along with reducing its negative impact on the environment. 

All of this is done by improving the product design and changing the material it is made from, hence it gets its name innovative packaging.

A good example of this would be the cutlery which is made from the waste husk of sugarcane which is left in the process of sugar making.

2 – Intelligent packaging 

Intelligent packaging is the kind of packaging that sensors and monitors the condition of the packaged product. Many kinds of sensors provide real-time information about the temperature, ph levels, moisture, levels of microbes and many other things.

3 – Smart packaging 

Smart packaging is a combination of active packaging as well as intelligent packaging. This type of packaging is said to sensor the current conditions of the product which is packed and take action to prevent the unfavourable ones.

4 – AR / Argumentative reality 

Argumentative reality is a familiar yet new concept. In this argumentative reality, we can see and assess how a certain thing is going to look or feel. All this would be possible before buying the product which is believed to have a lot of potential in the future. 

5 – Sustainable packaging 

Sustainable packaging is something that is getting popular with the current generation of environmentally woke people. Sustainable packaging is a different concept than green packaging. 

Sustainability can be understood as finding a way of sourcing resources in such a way that it does not leave any negative impact on the environment or the resources as well as leave enough for future generations. 

6 – IoT or Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things is the type of packaging which deals with information as well as the connectivity of the product to the customer as well as the seller. 

This could bring revolution in the world of packaging security as well as shipping. Or we could just get all the information about that particular product. 

An example of an Internet of Things is a QR code. As we can use them to get instant information about the product. Many brands and companies give discounts as well as coupons to their customers.

A simple wrap-up

We have talked about a lot of things til now and we are at the end of this article which is about the future of E-commerce packaging: trends and prediction. 

In the beginning, we talked about how huge this packaging industry actually is. Then we moved into talking about its importance. And in the next section, we have talked about the different predictions as well as trends in packaging.

And now, we are here in this section where we are discussing the summary. 

Thank you for reading till the end.

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