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Work with a coach

Here’s a handpicked selection of professional coaches. All of them work with clients one-to-one, online.

Lou Stokes

Lou Stokes is a style coach helping women to cultivate confidence, express themselves and magnify their wellbeing.

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Sarah Swain

Sarah is a coach and interiors consultant who helps people live the way they want to live, in spaces they absolutely love.

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Monère Renoir Wanner

Monère helps global citizens navigate the difficulties of settling in a new country and establishing a new life away from home.

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Alisa Salamon

Alisa helps people who are stuck at the crossroads of mid-life to carve out a new direction for themselves.

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Sylvia Nicolas

Career consultant Sylvia helps people find and land the right job, with CV writing, interview training and job search strategies.

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Dasha Lukiniha

Career and finance coach Dasha helps people start over debt-free, and find a career or business that they love.

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Lindsay Nixon

Lindsay helps people take their personal, sport or professional life to the next level with emotional intelligence training.

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Michelle Bromham

Accredited coach Michelle helps people create a more authentic and balanced way of living, with an emphasis on healthy eating.

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Gabrielle Collard

Gabrielle helps people transition from being an employee to self-employed, whether running their own business or freelancing.

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