Grow your online coaching business with The Coach Space

Grow your online coaching business with The Coach Space

Get a professional website that takes bookings & payments for just €30* per month

As a member of The Coach Space, you’ll get an affordable website that handles your bookings and payments from anyone in the world in one seamless transaction.

*Sales tax may apply depending on country

Becoming a qualified coach is one thing – making a living from it is another.

If you’re serious about building a life coaching business, you’ll want to give yourself as much chance to succeed as possible. By offering online coaching and making it super-easy for clients to book you and pay you, you will expand your opportunities and convert more prospects into paying clients.

The Coach Space gives you a simple, low-risk way to do this without the burden of managing a website.

Contribute and get your website for free

By writing one article per month and posting a link on social media channels, your website will be free of charge. To find out more, apply to join.

Website features

Designed especially for coaches, here’s what your website will do for you.

Seamless booking & payments

Makes it easy for clients to book and pay in one transaction, directly in the page.​

Timezone-friendly booking

Clients can book sessions using their own timezone, avoiding confusion and missed appointments.

Bookable bundles

As well as single sessions, clients can purchase a bundle of sessions and book them in later.

Availability always up-to-date

Syncs with your Google calendar to know your availability at any given time.

Your prices, your currency

Set your own prices and get paid in your own currency, directly by the client.

Personal branding

Show an introductory video and image gallery for clients to get to know you better.

Designed with mobile in mind

Not only will your website look great on a mobile, but it will work great too – making it even easier for clients to book and pay you.

Why join The Coach Space?

Get paid without the pain

Getting clients to pay can be difficult and can even ruin a client relationship before it starts. The easier you make this process for them, the more business you’ll get. The Coach Space makes it a breeze.

Scheduling? What scheduling?

Organising session times can take a sizeable chunk out of your day, especially when you’re working across timezones. With The Coach Space, your booking system will handle everything, including keeping your availability updated.

Fully serviced website

No need to get bogged down with technicalities or learning new systems. Your website is put together, managed and maintained for you by skilled professionals.

Get promoted for free

As a member you’ll be listed in our directory, and featured in social media content including YouTube videos.

Focus on what you set out to do – coach people and change lives

While your website handles the  bookings & payments, you can get on with the real business of coaching. To get your website, simply answer a few questions and we’ll handle the rest.


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