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Building trust with your target audience is essential for your success as a coach. And blogging is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to do it.

But only if you get it right. (And guess what; most people don’t.)

Thinking up content and creating regular posts can be an overwhelming task for busy coaches. And even if you’re already dishing out content, it’s like shouting into the wind if you’re not reaching and connecting with your audience.

Take heart, though. If this is you, we’re ready to help, with a ready-made professional publishing platform and year-round editing support from marketing experts.

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Blog overwhelm?
Not for our members

At The Coach Space we don’t just pay lip service to creating really engaging, regular blogs by throwing a few tips your way; we actively help you with it. We understand that consistent high-quality blogging is the most important thing you need to do in terms of content.

The Coach Space can transform an often overwhelming experience into something you not only enjoy but you really excel at, and bring you the success you’ve worked so hard for.

Stop wasting precious time blogging away on your own website

That’s if you haven’t run out of steam already – because let’s face it, it’s easy to give up when your content isn’t pulling in any leads.

But writing for your target audience is VITAL for your success. Showing up consistently online as a credible coach is something you can’t afford to drop.

So join our growing membership and leverage the power of our platform. Get the motivation, guidance and editorial support to create great written content, time and time again.

Our members stick with it because it’s easy. Join The Coach Space and you’ll get:

  • Lessons on how to write articles that engage
  • Guidance on what to write
  • Structured feedback to improve your blogs
  • Editing and publishing by professionals

…and hours of your time back.

Your articles will read beautifully, look fantastic and include compelling calls to action to convert prospects into leads.


Q: Can I post the blogs onto my own website?
Yes, as long as you follow our guidance for re-publishing, you can post your articles on any website, including your own if you have one.
Q: Will I own my content?
Yes, you will retain full copyright over your written content, even after we’ve edited it. Don’t forget that also means you can re-use it to create other content such as social media posts, videos etc.
Q: Do I need to provide an image with each post?
No, we will source the images for you. However, if you have a high quality image that’s relevant to your article, let us know.

With editorial guidance from The Coach Space your blogs will be doing exactly what you need them to; a brilliant job of showcasing your credibility as a coach.

Since I joined The Coach Space I’ve written blogs consistently. They help me generate ideas for content and the editing service gives my articles an edge. It’s also great to have the support from the membership and another platform to market myself.

Sylvia Nicolas, Member of The Coach Space

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For the equivalent of just £8 per month extra, you also get a booking page to capture those precious leads.

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