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As a coach trying to get your business established, the demands are high.

The time and effort it takes to gain just one new client, all the while running the whole show by yourself, can be overwhelming. Many coaches will give up within their first 3 years – but you don’t have to be one of them.

The Coach Space was designed to give coaches the right tools and support, not just to survive, but to grow their businesses and thrive.

Created by marketing professionals experienced in creating coaching businesses, our membership plans focus on the things that will make the biggest difference to your success.


Brand reputation

Being backed by The Coach Space brand means you won’t have to work as hard to prove your credibility. You’ll be among a community of professional coaches with proven specialisms (we don’t accept every application).
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Effective content

Position yourself and engage clients with quality written content. Using our beautifully designed publishing platform and expert guidance, you’ll create blog posts that attract clients. Read more.

Marketing clarity

Get to grips with your marketing at a fundamental level. Instead of getting caught up in activities that don’t bring you clients, you’ll work out what’s necessary to grow your business (not someone else’s).

Blog overwhelm? Not for our members.

Thinking up content and creating regular posts can be an overwhelming task. And even if you’re already putting out content, it’s like shouting into the wind if it’s not connecting with your audience.

As a member, you’ll be guided on how to write professional blogs that resonate with your ideal clients and position you as the go-to expert.

Once we’ve helped you to craft a brilliant blog, we’ll publish it for you, too. No need to manage a website, worry about the SEO process, or trawl for the right images. The Coach Space can transform the experience into something you not only enjoy but you really excel at, and bring you the success you’ve worked so hard for.

I have been with The Coach Space for nearly a year now and can’t speak highly enough of this space. Apart from being able to showcase my business on there, I get regular support on marketing advice and help on how to turn my content into leads.

Often as a Solopreneur we can get lonely and caught up in our own ways of thinking. Being part of this community has enabled me not only feel supported, but also get great insights from others, has opened my mind as we learn from each other, not to mention the improved writing skills. Now, I have an abundance of professionally presented content as well.

Lou Stokes, Member of The Coach Space

Since I joined The Coach Space I’ve written blogs consistently and converted visitors into consultation calls. It’s great to have the support from the membership and another platform to market myself.

Sylvia Nicolas, Member of The Coach Space

Grow faster with Marketing Club membership

The equivalent of just 27p extra per day will give you access to Marketing Club, our online group coaching sessions designed to accelerate your business.

Hosted by marketing professionals with 25 years experience (each) in online and offline marketing, you’ll get expert guidance on how to apply marketing principles and techniques to YOUR coaching business.

You’ll also be among fellow coaches in various stages of business, with ideas to bring to the Marketing Club table, helping you to shift up a gear.

Bonus: instant bookings

Marketing Club members also get their own instant booking page. This makes it super easy for clients around the globe to book a consultation with you, straight from your blog. No wasted opportunities!

Membership prices for the next 16 coaches

All our plans are for year-long membership, whether you pay in advance or in instalments. Which plan is right for you?

Author plan


yearly, or 12 monthly installments of £35
  • Professional editing & publishing
  • Call to action on each post
  • Blog home page featuring all your articles
  • Free writing course – How to write blogs that engage & convert

Marketing Club plan


yearly, or 12 monthly installments of £45

Includes everything in the Author plan PLUS:

  • Instant booking page – convert visits into consultation calls
  • Access to The Coach Space Marketing Club – grow your business faster

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If you have questions, just drop us a line and we’ll be onto it in a jiffy.

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