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What kind of life would you attract with an abundance of self‑love and confidence?

Are you a woman who’s ready to shine from the inside out?

When confidence takes a downward turn and a negative self-attitude gets its teeth into you, it can create problems in every part of your life – from your career, relationships and health to spirituality and friendships.

It can make you withdraw from the world and disappear from your own life. You may start to develop an unhealthy attitude to food as you try to appease the inner critic. Maybe your way of coping is to disconnect and become numb.

But what if you could move towards self-love? What if you were empowered, inspired and energised by what you see in the mirror?

No matter what stage you’re at, my style & confidence coaching can help you find your way back to yourself and connect with your inner beauty – to become the magnetic woman you were meant to be.

I’ll guide you to cultivate confidence, magnify your wellbeing and express yourself through style to manifest your wildest dreams.

I’m here to support you on your journey and help you shine.

I found a way not to just live… but to thrive, prosper and shine as my authentic self.

Life was not always this way for me. Nine years ago, I had what seemed like a cool life on the outside. But on the inside I was craving for healing.

I had an addictive personality, continually searching for perfection whilst at the same time being extremely hard on myself.

For many years I was living a life of complete misery, sadness, and a loss of connection. I was starving myself and bent on self-destruction.

Until one day I decided I couldn’t go on living like this anymore.

I finally stopped trying to be someone else. I began to explore my wardrobe more, and used style as a way to express myself on my terms. I embraced being authentic rather than trying to fit into a box or others’ expectations of me. I stopped following trends and reading fashion magazines.

I connected the dots between self love, wellbeing, energy, confidence and style.

Now my mission is to help other women put an end to their negative self-image. I’ve created She’s Magnetic – a coaching programme especially for women like you, to help you cultivate confidence and express yourself through your own authentic style.

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My journey to confidence

How going deeper helped me discover true beauty

I truly believe in the power of style to bring out the best version of yourself.

After graduating from London College of Fashion & Central St Martins and a career in the fashion industry, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery which took me around the world. I studied various healing practices in USA, Asia and Europe Australia and Indonesia.

As I traveled I learnt more about nutrition, self care, yoga, meditation and eventually myself, which nourished me emotionally, physically and mentally.

And as I went deeper on my journey, I also explored the way I dressed and my self image. And I began to realise that it was all a reflection of how I was feeling inside.

I realised style and yoga are both self love practices, that help us to regularly cleanse, express, and make space for our true selves to shine.

Today I am a style and confidence coach, published author and certified yoga instructor.
As a keynote speaker I am hired for events as a Style & Wellness Expert to deliver talks on self-love, confidence, energy, wellbeing and style.

I hold retreats internationally to cultivate self-love, build confidence, magnify well being and style, ultimately becoming the best version of oneself through daily dynamic workshops, yoga and meditation.

My book, Boney & I, is available on Amazon.




What you can expect in our coaching sessions

My mission is to create a sacred space in which to help and guide you to creating your dream life and transform from feeling disconnected and lost to living your desired life.

As I work with you and guide you through your transformation, I will hold you accountable throughout the process, using proven tools, resources and strategies to guide you towards your desired outcome.

I genuinely care and believe in what I am offering you. I know you have what it takes to transform your life from the inside out and so do YOU.

Together we will focus on the life that is possible for YOU. You are not alone. I am here to support you in creating YOUR dream.

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Lou Stokes

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Certified Fashion & Personal stylist & Coach from the London College of Fashion, Central St Martins and the S-Academy. I’m also a certified yoga and meditation instructor and a qualified ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist. Visit my LinkedIn profile to see my career history.

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