RECALIBRATE Your Personal Global Positioning System (GPS)


A live virtual group workshop for trailing spouses, expats and global citizens on the MOVE


For trailing spouses, expats and global citizens, it’s HARD to decide where we belong when the full TRUTH is, we belong in many places at once.

For those of us on this path, it’s HARD to decide where we BELONG and where we feel like we FIT.

… because the BEAUTY of this path isn’t either/or.

  • Maybe you’ve been on the move since you were born?
  • Maybe you feel like the country that gave you your passport only tells a small chapter of your story?
  • Maybe you’re making your international moves as an adult, after being raised more traditionally in one country and primary culture?

If you’re ’re looking for a navigational tool to build YOUR meaningful globally mobile life within the PARADOX of both/and with radiant joy, then I have a resource for you!

RECALIBRATE, the virtual group workshop, provides you with Your Personal GPS to guide you in building a meaningful life that honors the rich fusion in the spaces between cultures.

Simply put, it’s a compass to guide and inspire you along your unique path of fully owning ALL of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

Your Personal GPS is a powerful visualization tool that provides you with:

  • CLARITY on YOUR authentic globally mobile lifestyle (not someone else’s)
  • SPACE and TIME to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life
  • CONNECTION and ANCHORING with your core values and deepest desires
  • METHODS to let go of distractions
  • BREATHING ROOM & DREAM -TIME (the very thing you keep telling yourself you need, but haven’t made time to do ;))

The Process:

  • Step 1: You’ll receive my powerful fillable PDF “Dream Sheet” a week before our virtual experience to get your subconscious creative brain primed for clarity
  • Step 2: You’ll receive a checklist of supplies (so that you have everything you need on the day of our workshop)
  • Step 3: You’ll enjoy a live 2-hour virtual immersion experience with a community of participants from around the world!
  • Step 4: You’ll be supported by a follow-up 1:1 Power Call to talk through the next inspired actions steps to move you forward with joy, hope and grace

You’ll walk away with Your Personal GPS to stay clear on YOUR definition of a thriving global lifestyle, aligned with your desires and inspired toward consistent action.

Join RECALIBRATE: Your Personal Global Positioning System (GPS) with other like-minded global citizens on the MOVE and give yourself permission to experience how clarity, focus, and connection create new realities!

I’m hosting this live workshop using Zoom.

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