The 21 Day RESET


Shift from CHAOS to CLARITY as you create your ideal outcome

As a trailing spouse, expat or global citizen, reinventing yourself in a new country or pivoting personally/professionally while living abroad is exciting. It’s a phase of life where there are so many new things to experience and learn.

It can also be an anxious and difficult time, with many vulnerable moments.

As an experienced global citizen, I know that some of these wobbly moments could have left me teetering on the brink of despair if I didn’t already have the appropriate supports in place.

Maybe you’re asking yourself :

  • “Who am I NOW?”
  • “What do I REALLY want?”
  • “How do I develop ROOTS?”
  • “What does global citizenship mean to ME at this stage of my journey?”

If you’re feeling the CHAOS that always proceeds CLARITY, then I have good news for you!

You are NOT alone.

You just need a compassionate expert to support you in navigating the “messy middle” as you create your ideal outcomes with hope, joy and grace.

The 21 Day RESET is an excellent snapshot from my signature framework to support you in:

  • assessing your current reality: both what’s helpful and what’s inhibiting you from creating your ideal outcome
  • narrowing your attention to focus on ONE specific area where you feel particularly STUCK
  • developing a daily R-E-S-E-T practice (Reimagine, Evaluate, Strategize, Embrace, Take Inspired Action) as you move from CHAOS to CLARITY one empowered step at a time

The 21 Day RESET includes:

  • complimentary session, in which we’ll explore a realistic goal in ONE specific area to move toward over the next 21 days
  • 21 Day RESET workbook with daily actionable steps
  • 3 live weekly 1:1 coaching calls of 45 minutes (you will receive the recordings after each session)
  • access to me 1 x week via Voxer for questions that arise along our journey together

Over the next 21 days, you’ll connect your deepest desires, create your ideal outcome while getting a foretaste of my unique coaching style and my signature 90 Day Program.

By Day 21, you’ll celebrate your first quantum leap, while feeling motivated, inspired and supported every step of the way.

Take the 21 Day RESET with me and give yourself permission to experience how clarity, focus, and teamwork create new realities!

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