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We live in relationship to our homes. But when things aren’t going right at work, personally or creatively and we’re not getting the results we want in life, we can easily overlook what our living spaces can do for our happiness.

Home is not simply the passive backdrop to our life’s dramas, it plays an active role in how we live. It influences how we feel and how we behave and can actually help us to deal with life outside the front door. What would a healthy night’s sleep every single night do for you? Or having space to eat around the dining table with your loved ones? Or having a space to relax and catch up on your reading?

Our home also reflects what is going on inside of us. When we neglect our emotional wellbeing, it can show up in the home. You know the tell-tale signs: clutter building up, things looking tatty and in disrepair, peeling paint. In turn, when our homes become unloved, we feel it bringing us down.

With my training in psychology and expertise in interior design I can help you become aware of this symbiotic relationship and how making tweaks, upgrades or redesigning your environment can create the shifts you’re longing for in other parts of your life.

Our lives change over time, so to keep everything working cohesively, we need to check if our homes are changing with us. With my coaching, I’ll support you in making adjustments to your home that work for you, creating a home that supports how you want to live and to be the person you want to be.

You can get access to my one-to-one coaching wherever you live. Book a free consultation with me to find out how we can work together online with video conferencing.

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Cohesive Living by Sarah Swain

It was falling off my bike and severely breaking my arm that caused me to stop and reflect on how I was spending my time. It made me realise that I was living on everyone else’s timetables. I decided to embrace the two things I always loved doing; helping people and interior design.

I realised that there wasn’t an exact occupation for what I wanted to do, so I created my own job description: to help you be the person you want to be, doing the things you want to do, in spaces you absolutely love.

As an interior designer, I have the privilege of being invited into people’s homes and sometimes this means I am trusted to see parts of them that wouldn’t necessarily be shared with even closest friends. Through this process, I see first-hand how homes help or hinder lives. I also see how lifestyle and relationships help or hinder homes. Once the client sees that too, they are empowered to make some changes.

Now I’m bringing this awareness to more even more clients with the help of video conferencing and supporting them as they make changes to their homes.




What to expect from the coaching sessions

We will have relaxed yet focussed interactions. I will listen, reflect and question in order to help you find the answers you need to create the life you want to enjoy.

With your permission, we will assess your living spaces via video conference and look at how they are impacting your life positively or negatively.

We will explore how you would like to live in these spaces, and I will guide you with practical advice to make that happen.

I’ll be your champion, and motivator as you bring about changes to your home.

I will also hold you accountable… and do it with a smile!

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Prices range from £140 – £600

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Sarah Swain

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Degree in Psychology, Post Graduate Certificate of Education, MSc in Occupational Health Psychology, Diploma in Interior Design, former Childline Telephone Counsellor, Accredited Life Coach (International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring).

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