“Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world, revises the official version.”

Carolyn See, Author & Former Professor Emerita of English, UCLA

My name is Siobhan Colgan and I’m a writer and Book Midwife.

I work with women entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives to help birth the business books inside of them (Yep. See what I did there?)

I have over 20 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor, and communications specialist. I’ve ghost-written seven books (two of them New York Times best-sellers), and I’ve helped numerous women go from first draft to first edition of their own books.

I love being able to support female change-makers to plan and write the books that bring their voice and vision into the world.

Because this is what I know: when women share their stories, and their specific career, work and life experiences, they are not only showing up for themselves and others, but they are changing the world.

Okay, so let’s get down to basics.
What does a Book Midwife DO?

You’re a super-busy, dedicated but time-stretched woman entrepreneur, creative, or coach who KNOWS you have a great business book inside of you – you just don’t know how to birth it. But I do.

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My work involves supporting you in all stages of getting your book out into the world. That includes developing a workable writing schedule, keeping you accountable to your writing, structural editing and ongoing reviews of revisions, and nurturing and strengthening your most important resource – you.

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I help you in creating a practical and personalised writing system. Together we uncover how you write, what your writing challenges are, and how to construct an efficient writing workflow that fits with you (not vice versa.)
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I work with you on structure, style, clarity, and the communication of your core ideas. And I gently guide you from procrasti-writing your way through a manuscript that’s pretty “meh!” to shaping your vision into a work you think is “hell, yeah!”
(Oh, and you have the option for a virtual but vigorous happy-dance when your book is ready to be brought out into the world!)

Siobhan appreciated my own vision for the book. At no point did I feel pressured into doing anything I was not comfortable with. This was a beautiful collaboration that resulted in a much, much better book than I could have done on my own.

If you need someone to help you stay committed to writing, polish your manuscript, coach you through your doubts, and offer encouragement that will keep you going, Siobhan is the person who can do it all.

Nela Dunato, Artist, Brand Designer & Author of ‘The Human Centered Brand.’


Working with me doesn’t mean you have to start from page zero. If you’ve completed a first draft but are not sure how to proceed, you’ll benefit from a manuscript edit.

This involves:
  • Line-by-line edit of your manuscript, focusing specifically on the clarity and organization of your ideas, writing style, and the strength of your voice
  • Constructive feedback on structure, style, tone and the communication of ideas, and identification of strengths and challenges within the manuscripts
  • Corrections of spelling and grammar errors
  • Tracked revisions so that you are 100% in control of implementing all suggestions and changes
  • Creation of an individual stylesheet so that you can maintain consistency and clarity as you rewrite or revise
  • Feedback and supportive suggestions around the next steps for your manuscript.

Siobhan has a calm and methodical way of letting you know when you stray from the seed of a good idea without interfering with your own creative ideas/potential. She is an absolute pleasure to work with as she is both encouraging and trustworthy. I highly recommend her!
Lavinia Abbott, Director & Screenwriter, ‘What Happened to Manfred?’

I write a lot on how to navigate the ups and downs of writing books while building your business. Check out my articles and advice here.

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