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Say goodbye to CHAOS as you reinvent yourself abroad

“Don’t ever forget that you’re a citizen of this world, and there are things you can do to lift the human spirit… things you can do everyday. Civility, respect, kindness, character.”
~ Aaron Sorkin

Has chaos, the unwelcome guest, shown up on your doorstep? You know what I’m talking about… The chaos that catches you completely off guard as you struggle to land after your latest international move?

You’ve taken the leap to reinvent yourself abroad, whether for work or love and embraced this opportunity with eager hands and an open heart.

You have everything you THOUGHT you wanted; an exciting adventure in a foreign land you’ve dreamed about. A new job, a new partner, a trailing spouse or a new community of people. A fresh start in a new country that you’ve chosen to place roots in.

But then, you find yourself UNHAPPY, FRUSTRATED and LONELY. And to top it all off, you’re BEATING YOURSELF UP for not getting your current global move “right”.

Maybe the honeymoon stage of your latest international move has come to an abrupt end and you’re feeling like life is happening TO you? Maybe the initial FREEDOM now feels like STUCK? Maybe you’re wondering why this transition feels so much harder?

I can relate.

Chaos, the unwelcome guest, showed up on my doorstep after I accepted what first appeared to be my “dream job” in Cologne, Germany, back in November 2000. My new job afforded opportunities to travel and meet exciting personalities in international media. BUT the constant travel and the long working hours drained me.

Today, I am an intercultural architect, certified intercultural trainer/coach with a degree in international relations and over 19 years of “reinvention experience” in Berlin, Washington DC, New York City, Madrid and Cologne.

But, when I was in the EXACT same struggle, I couldn’t find an experienced and compassionate guide to support me in moving from chaos to clarity around what sustainable global citizenship meant for me at the various stages of my journey.

YOU are not alone.

Are you ready to shift out of chaos into clarity? Book a discovery call with me to talk it through.

WE got this!

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Are you a trailing spouse, expat or global citizen navigating the ‘messy middle’ of reinventing yourself abroad?

“Dreams pass into reality of action. From action, stems the dream again. This interdependence is the highest form of living.” ~ Anais Nin

As an Intercultural Architect, I’m on a mission to support other global citizens, like you, in building your thriving international lifestyle.

Growing up cross-culturally in the U.S., I developed in many cultures at once.

Instead of buying into the struggle and frustration of not “fitting” in ways others would traditionally define me, I cultivated the skill of fusing many cultures to live meaningfully and authentically in the spaces in between them all.

At the age of 9, I decided to learn German, French and Spanish to decide for myself where I belonged. My search opened doors to exciting opportunities to study, work and travel in Washington DC, New York, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Cologne, just to name a few!

For the past 17 years, I’ve held positions as an intercultural trainer/coach, key account manager, university lecturer, project manager, freelancer and a consultant in the areas of style/image/wardrobe, personal leadership, cross-cultural awareness, diversity and intercultural management.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching, training and coaching school groups, business degree students, skilled tradesmen, professionals, job seekers, mothers returning to work after maternity leave, managers and teams, in English German and Spanish, as they navigate their global reinventions.

Because I’ve been on this path for over 19 years (and counting), you don’t have to move through the “messy middle” of reinventing yourself abroad alone.

Give yourself permission to experience how focus, teamwork, and clarity create new realities! Book a complimentary strategy session with me to talk it through.

Let’s DO this!




Global citizens, expats and trailing spouses – let's make SHIFT happen

My approach is inspired by David Emerald’s TED (The Empowerment Dynamic).
The TED roles reconnect us to our dreams and values, which fuel inspired action toward our desired outcomes.

I support you in shifting out of the Drama Triangle roles of prosecutor, victim and rescuer toward the TED roles of creator, challenger and coach to embody your healthiest definitions of sustainable global citizenship.

I got tired of seeing so many of us struggling and frustrated with not “fitting” in where we landed. Because I’ve been on this path for over 19 years (and counting), I’m on a mission to support other like us in building a thriving international lifestyle, one empowered step at a time.

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