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  • Lou Stokes's Photo
    Lou Stokes
    Personal stylist, confidence & wellness coach

    Develop your style and become the confident woman you were meant to be, with coaching by Lou.

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  • Heather Legge's Photo
    Heather Legge
    Certified Business & Leadership Coach

    Achieve your business vision through productivity habits and leadership skills, with coaching by Heather.

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  • Assia Houston's Photo
    Assia Houston
    M. Ed. Professional Educator & ICF certified coach

    Discover a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment through life’s transitions with coaching from Assia.

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  • Gabrielle Collard's Photo
    Gabrielle Collard
    Certified coach, Marketing Consultant & founder of The Coach Space

    Clarify your ideas and make real progress towards your dream business with strategic coaching from Gabrielle.

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  • Sylvia Nicolas's Photo
    Sylvia Nicolas
    Career Consultant, HR Manager & ICF Certified Coach

    Discover a career that fits who you are and get practical support to make it happen, with coaching from Sylvia.

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  • Mojdeh Khalili
    Personal breakthrough and executive coach

    Eliminate the self-doubt and mental blocks sabotaging your personal and professional development.

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  • Rachel Khoo's Photo
    Rachel Khoo
    ICF Certified Coach & Psychotherapist in NLP

    Take control of your finances and start moving towards financial freedom with coaching from Rachel.

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  • Sarah Swain's Photo
    Sarah Swain
    Interior Design Consultant & Certified Coach

    Design the way you want to live, in spaces you absolutely love, with coaching from Sarah.

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  • Chardét Durbin's Photo
    Chardét Durbin
    NASM Certified Personal Fitness Coach

    Chardét is an online personal trainer & nutrition specialist who’ll help you master wellness – from anywhere.

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