The seven traits of luck

Get luck on your side by understanding how it works

When you are scrolling through social media or reading about some of the most successful people in the world, you might say, “yeah, they’re just lucky”. That’s what I used to say too. However, something within me wasn’t happy with that response.

So I started researching people to find out how luck played a part in their success. I wanted to know how luck operates: Was it dispensed randomly, for no reason? Or could we bring luck upon ourselves?

What I found out later was mind blowing.

So many people from athletes and businessmen to stay at home moms managed to do great things by finding and using luck. 

The research led me to summarize the traits of luck. By understanding them you will see how luck can be on your side too and that you can benefit from it to create the life you deserve. So let’s get on with it…

#1: Luck is manufactured by passion

This word goes back to the beginning of mankind and it means strong feeling or emotion.  What I discovered from all those great people I researched, was the moment that shifted their life was the moment they discovered the purpose that drives them to grow and do more. 

And it was not only about their personal or professional growth, it was about investing their skills, talents and knowledge with the world to make it a better place. 

One of the strongest athletes in the world is Katelyn Ohashi. You must have seen her video doing some amazing gymnastic flips and dances while having an infectious smile on her face. But behind that smile lies a long history of injury, body shame, abuse and bullying that could stop any normal human being from pursuing their dream. But not Katelyn. Her passion for gymnastics had her keep on fighting and with the help of her friends, family, and coaches she became one of the greatest gymnasts.

Think of a moment in your life where you when so involved and invested into what you were doing that you forgot to sleep or eat. That is what you call passion. It is the main cause for any living thing (yes, any living thing has a purpose for its life) to function at its maximum potential and contribute to the cycle of life.

Passion is what gives life power and meaning, and those lucky successful people discovered it and started by finding their true passion and worked hard on it to create their life as it is today.

Get luck on your side by leaning in to your passion.

#2: Your beliefs determine how lucky you are

As we grow within societies and communities, we grow up with a certain number of beliefs that go alongside us throughout life. Beliefs are the thoughts and ideas that pop into your mind when some topic comes up. 

It is our beliefs about who we are and what we can be that shapes our capacity for luck. 

Beliefs can be helpful; for example, when we believe that we can achieve our goals. Or they can be a hindrance. If we believe there are limits to what we can do, then we won’t pursue a goal or reach further.

It is really up to us to choose what type of beliefs we have.

Successful, lucky people have that power. Many of you might think that beliefs come naturally as a result of where we were born, how we grew up etc, and that we are stuck with them. But it is absolutely the opposite. 

When we set our mind to openness and accept learning new things then we can develop new beliefs.

Walt Disney believed his vision of a place of magic where people can have the time of their life would one day exist. This belief led him to accept rejection 302 times and keep going until he got what he wanted and launched his project. The most amazing part of the story is when, upon the opening of Disney Land Florida,  a journalist said to Walt’s brother, “ it’s a pity that Walt died before seeing his project”. And the answer was: “Walt already saw this and that is why we are all seeing it”.

Changing your beliefs will get luck on your side.

#3: Luck is created by understanding your values

Successful people know what they stand for.

Our core values are intangible, guiding principles and personal ideals. When we become consciously aware of our unique set of values, we can use them to make better decisions and avoid time wasting activities that do not produce lucky situations.

Many people do not have a clear set of values. That’s why they join a community where they feel comfortable with the general values they have, like joining a church or a club. But others sometimes do things that make them unhappy simply because they are not clear about what they believe is right. The most successful people almost always have a clear, fundamental sense of what really matters. They create their rules based on their main core values they aim to live by, and act on them.

See Getting to know your core values: The ultimate guide.

#4: Luck requires the energy to act upon it

Let’s start by asking the question: where does energy come from? Think about it for a minute before going on reading…

Does it come from food? Well, I want you to remember the last family holiday reunion where you have all types of food put on the table and you go on eating and eating, what happens after that? Do you have all the energy and power to jump and move or do you feel like you just need to nap?

What about sleep? Do you remember that night where you felt you needed to go to bed early and slept for fourteen hours, how did you feel in the morning? Did you jump out of bed with a lot of energy, or open your eyes and say, “gosh, how tired do I feel?”.

So, you can imagine it’s not food, it’s not sleep (not saying that they are not important), but the real source of energy is physical power. Physical power means the strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance of your body is what helps you keep your energy level high. As you are reading this point, jump up and do 10 jumping jacks, squats or push-ups and see how your energy level goes up. 

Luck is on your side when you’re in good shape and maintaining a high level of energy in your body. It means that you can act upon opportunities when they arise and accomplish any project you have in life.

#5: Luck is multiplied by our connections 

I can’t say it enough; we are social beings and that means by ourselves we can only achieve so much.

If we want to take our work and achievement to the next level then every successful person will tell you that their success was due to the people that stood by their side along the journey. Families, friends, partners, teachers, coaches, managers, investors, etc. 

Luck comes to you from the people you connect and build a good relationship with. But the greatest connection is not on the stage of the world, it is in the deepest recesses of your own heart. Deep down, where everyone needs to form lasting, loving bonds is with themselves first, then it can spill out on others to truly achieve fulfilment.

#6: Luck is ignited by masterful communication

Whether you are about to walk to that girl across the bar to ask her number, presenting a project at work, or knocking on the door of a stranger to sell them your product, your way of communication is the key to allow them to trust and listen to you. 

The people who seem ‘lucky’ have learned the importance of what to say, when to say it, how to say and what to focus on when saying it. 

Leaders, specifically the ones we call ‘natural born’, know that every encounter is an opportunity to learn, teach or share experiences with someone else. They seek to take on any challenge life throws at them and communicate that experience to themselves and others in a way that promotes positive change.

Remember that our toughest circumstances are also our most teachable moments, and they solidify and get stronger when we share it and communicate it to help others overcome theirs.

#7: Strategy comes before luck

Everyone talks about having a strategy and successful people are lucky to have one. 

When you have a passion and based on it you set a goal to achieve, you need the best strategy to reach that goal. This will concentrate the amount of luck on your side.

People who have achieved theirs will tell you this: “study so hard and based on your knowledge build a strong strategy based on numbers and statistics, OR go to someone who has achieved what you want today and learn from them what they have done and do the same”. 

The first part is obviously the longer one due to the time spent on educating yourself and testing every step of the journey, you will become a role model of your specialty and you will know every step of the way. 

The second one however is the shorter path where you will have the guidance of someone that can get you to where you want to be, avoiding some of the testing that could happen throughout your career.  

It’s not enough to have the resources to succeed, you must use them in the most effective way. Having a clear strategy starts with recognizing the best talents and ambitions and also the need to find the right avenue for your goal to be realised.

Remember, a lucky successful life doesn’t come by accident.

Reading this now, take a moment to think about your life and goals that you want to achieve. How can you tap into each of these traits of luck to take your life to the next level of excellence?

Modar Kasoaa

Modar is a professionally trained business and leadership coach who can help you develop strategies and techniques to take your business to the next level.

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