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With online fitness, you can get fit and healthy even in a full lockdown situation.

Working with an online personal trainer, you’ll get fitness programmes tailored towards your goals, as well as the personal support and accountability to reach them, without leaving the house.

For more information on how online personal trainers work, see Why use an online personal trainer?

Chardét Durbin – Corpao Fitness

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Home based workout programmes
Live group workouts
Eating plans & nutritional guidance
Delicious, easy to prepare recipes, including vegan
Personal coaching, support & accountability

Corpao Fitness website
Corpao Fitness on Facebook
Corpao Fitness on Instagram
Corpao Fitness on YouTube

Timezone: London, UK

Scott Laidler

Scott Laidler website
Scott Laidler on Instagram

Timezone: London, UK

Micaela Whitworth – Love Your Bod

Love Your Bod website
Love Your Bod on Instagram
Love Your Bod on Facebook
Love Your Bod on YouTube

Timezone: Alberta, Canada (UTC -7)


Caliber website
Caliber on Instagram
Caliber on Facebook
Caliber on Twitter

Timezone: New York, USA (UTC -4)

Chris Wong

Chris Wong website
Chris Wong on Instagram

Timezone: Oakville, Ontario (UTC -4)

Amanda Louise

Amanda Louise website
Amanda Louise on Instagram
Amanda Louise on YouTube

Timezone: Dubai (UTC +4)

Bremen Menelli

Bremen Menelli website
Bremen Menelli on Instagram
Bremen Menelli on Twitter
Bremen Menelli on YouTube

Timezone: New York, USA (UTC -4)


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