How an Employment Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Workplace Issues

There are many different types of issues you might face in the workplace, whether you’re an employer or an employee. Some of the most common work-related issues include bullying, discrimination, unsafe working conditions, wage disputes, and wrongful termination of complement contracts.

Thankfully, many issues are easily resolved with good communication and positive adjustments in the workplace. However, for non-resolved issues, legal action might be necessary.

If an employee decides to take legal action against their employer or vice versa, they will need to hire an employment lawyer. This type of lawyer is an expert in employment and labor laws, as well as common workplace issues and claims.

Below, we’ve covered the ways in which employment lawyers can help you resolve workplace issues.

Help with Contract Formation and Finalization

Employment contracts are complex and prone to errors or loopholes that can be manipulated. When starting a new business or hiring new workers, you’ll need the help of an employment lawyer when creating your contracts to ensure they comply with legal regulations and contain accurate information about your employment terms and conditions.

If you’re an employee, an employment lawyer can help you resolve contract disputes. They can also read your employment contracts to ensure these contracts protect your rights and comply with labor laws so you get fair pay, leave, and treatment in the workplace.

Explanation of Legal Jargon

Whether you’re reading through a complex employment contract or are in the process of filing a workplace claim, you’ll come across lots of legal jargon. Your employment lawyer will be able to translate complicated industry terminology into simpler language that you can understand fully.

In turn, you can stay well-informed during each step in the resolution of your workplace issues. You can make better decisions that work in your favor and enable you to have a positive experience at work

Guidance Through the Dismissal Process

For employers wanting to dismiss an employee for whatever reason, working with an employment lawyer can ensure you do so fairly. They know the legally correct and fairways to terminate a contract and can guide you through the process.

An employment lawyer can also be beneficial if you’re an employee and have recently been dismissed by your employer. If you feel that your employer has terminated your contract unfairly, you can work with an employment lawyer to file a wrongful termination claim against them.

Overcoming Contract Breaches

Employment contract breaches are more common than you might think. If you feel that one of your employees has breached their contract or your employer isn’t fulfilling their side of the contract they provided for you, an employment lawyer can be of great help.

Your chosen employment lawyer can read through your contract thoroughly and identify which terms and conditions your employee or employer isn’t fulfilling. They can also identify any 

potential common causes of breach of contract so you can adjust your employment contracts accordingly.

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