Self-love and the wardrobe: interview with Lou Stokes

Podcast featuring life coach Lou Stokes

Are you dying to break free of negative inner voices and be the woman you were meant to be?

Lou Stokes is a self-confidence and style coach who after a career in fashion, has gone onto become a keynote speaker on style & wellness and helps women cultivate confidence through discovering their own style.

In this episode you will learn:

…how Lou’s curiosity made her pack her bags and surrender to what came her way, leading her to extraordinary experiences around the globe.

…how travelling on an actual journey can turn into an amazing inner journey – a journey of self-discovery and healing and ultimately freedom. Freedom from negative inner voices that cause so much damage to our confidence and even lead to  mental health issues.

…how developing your own style and not being dictated to by fashion can set you free to become the person you really are.


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