Supporting Work-Life Balance: Work-from-Home Jobs Ideal for Mothers with Coaching

There is that one day in the life of every employee when you think you can barely find time for both work and family. Today’s society is struggling with work-life balance, especially moms. But work from home jobs for mums and professional coaches can actually turn out to be the best solution for this issue.

Work-at-home opportunities

The positive news here is that lots of companies from various industries have come to understand that there are economies of scale in this type of employment — more output from staff, less expenses on office space, and better talents. In line with this, a recent study about work from home jobs in London revealed the following from surveys done on remote employment opportunities: 16 percent of working individuals are exclusively operating from their homes, while another 28 percent of workers are maintaining a mix of home and office-based work.

Reasons mothers prefer work-from-home employment

Flexible Hours

Self-time management skills are among the largest benefits linked to work from home jobs. Mothers get to do their work at convenient times according to their and their family’s schedule.

Reduced Commute Stress

No time is wasted getting to the office and the stress associated with it is totally avoided. The saved time can be invested in other activities like watching movies with the family or sleeping and generally enhancing quality of life.

Cost Savings

This includes travel, work attire and food. Working from home saves you money and can even lower the expense of having to pay someone to look after your kids.

Higher Productivity

Many telecommuters claim they accomplish more stuff since there are almost no distractions and that working from home enables them to create a work zone that satisfies their requirements and desires.

Higher Life-Work Balance

Work from home jobs provide more adaptability and freedom during work hours, enabling mothers to spend more quality time with their families.

Some jobs that a mother can do from home

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants are people who offer office support and/or business management services to businesses and entrepreneurs online. Tasks may include replying to emails, arranging appointments and dealing with clients’ issues. This job is very adaptable and you can work part time.

Freelance Writing and Editing

Freelance writing and editing may offer mothers a chance to work on different projects, for example, creating blogs or writing advertisements. These jobs offer friendly working hours and you can work from wherever you are. 

Online Tutoring

Another option for mothers is online tutoring and it’s an awesome chance for those who think they have a considerable amount of expertise in a particular field. They can teach individuals from anywhere around the globe through video conferencing, with the opportunity to set their own hours and fees. 

Social Media Management

Social media managers deal with the social media pages of businesses, by posting, engaging, and analyzing the outcomes. This job can be done absolutely online and is very adaptable. 

Customer Service

Most organizations employ remote customer service agents to manage customers’ complaints and support services. This employment generally includes dealing with other people and can even offer a flexible work schedule.

Graphic Design

For mothers who are creatively inclined, graphic design is an awesome option to work from home. Graphic designers can create websites, advertisements, and social media graphics and may be self-employed.

Coaching: a solution for work-from-home mothers

Although working from home is a fascinating thought that brings along many opportunities, it can be hard to adjust to the new remote work position. This is where coaching comes in to save the day. Professional coaches can work with mothers and help them succeed, by giving them direction, motivation and essential resources. 

Career Coaching 

Career coaches can help mums recognize their gifts, search for appropriate employment opportunities, and develop the skills expected in specific roles. They offer advisory services on CV composing, interview preparation, and negotiating for better positions and salaries.

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Time Management Coaching

You need to have great time administration capacities to be efficient when working from home. Time management coaches can help mothers direct their time in a more effective way, organize their work and achieve an optimal distribution of their own personal resources.

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Coaches specialized in work-life balance can help mums set boundaries, manage their work-related stress, and create acceptable work-life schedules and plans.

Skill Improvement

Coaches can improve certain abilities that may be useful in remote employment. For instance, digital abilities, communication abilities, and project management abilities can all be improved upon from professional coaching. This support can truly enhance the morale and productivity of a mother working from home.

Mental Support

Working remotely can without a doubt take its mental toll, particularly for individuals who have previously worked in a physical office space. Coaches can help focus on these issues, achieving objectives, and discussing the psychological aspects of working remotely. 


In today’s bustling labour market, there is an obvious need to support working mothers and enable them to adjust to the demands of employment and raising children. In numerous ways, work-from-home jobs offer a superior work-life balance as they empower workers to arrange their time and responsibility better, at work and at home. When aided by professional coaching, mothers are more likely to handle the difficulties of working from home well, enhance their abilities and lay down new rules that prompt better work-life balance. With the right opportunities and the correct support, mothers can figure out how to blend their professional and family lives.

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