Global moves and thriving abroad

Podcast featuring life coach Monère Renoir Wanner

Whether it’s for a career, for love or for adventure, how can we plug-in and adapt to a new life abroad?

Monère is an expert ex-pat who helps people thrive in the country they’ve chosen to live, whether they’ve moved for a career, or to join a partner or simply for adventure. Even ‘global citizens’ who’ve moved more than once will find themselves facing the same difficulties of fitting in and adapting to the new culture. Also, the issues that come from being far away from family and long term friends are ever present.

Monère shares her global journey and how she helps other global movers gain a sense of belonging.


  • Great interview! As someone who has lived in various cities in Ireland, London, France, Germany, and Spain, this talk really resonated with me. Every move had its own challenges and breakthroughs, and, exactly as Monère says, it was figuring out my life outside of work that got me through.


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